Photo kindly donated by Andreas Wohlfahrt


What is Reflexology all about?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works with the body to heal and restore balance in a natural way.

This ancient art of Chinese medicine uses the principles that our bodies are mapped out on our hands and feet and by applying gentle pressure and massage to specific areas the body can begin to heal itself.

Illness and pain is often caused by blockages within our body systems, reflexology can release these congestion's allowing energy to flow freely once again.

What can Reflexology do for you?

  • Deep relaxation - gentle massage all over the feet encourages the body to relax.
  • Relieves stress - calms the nervous system
  • Eases pain - recent research has shown that as the body relaxes and balances, natural healing and repair can take place.
  • Improves circulation - any blockages within the body can be dispersed into the bloodstream.
  • Overall sense of wellbeing - regular treatments keeps the bodies mind, body and soul balanced.

Reflexology can help with many health conditions such as anxiety and depression, stress, tension headaches, arthritis, sinus problems, insomnia, lymph drainage, digestive disorders, IBS, menstrual problems, menopause, and many more.

So if you have never tried a reflexology treatment, then you are missing out on the most relaxing of treatments that relax the mind, body and soul as one.  Almost everyone tells me that following their treatment they had the best nights sleep for a long time and they generally have a great sense of wellbeing and contentment.  Others have described it as "walking on air" for several days after a treatment.

So why not give it a chance to work for you...... book an appointment today.

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